NIACL Assistant Prelims Exam Analysis Second Slot – 23rd April 2017


NIACL Assistant Prelims Exam Analysis : Dear Aspirants. NIACL Assistant Prelims Examination second shift is over now and in this post we are providing in-depth analysis of the New India Assurance Assistant Prelims examination 2017. 


About NIACL – The New India Assurance Company Limited is the Government owned General Insurance Company established in the Year 1919 and its headquarter is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

Post Name : Assistant ( Class III Cadre )

Number of Vacancies in NIACL Assistant – 984 Post


NIACL Assistan exam Analysis


Examination Pattern of NIACL Assistant Prelims Exam : 

The exam consist of three section namely Numerical ability, Reasoning ability and English language. Time allotted for the exam is 60 minute. Candidates need to secure minimum marks in all three sections to clear the sectional cut off and also the overall cut off which will be decided by the NIACL. Negative marking of 0.25 marks is applied on each wrong answer.

NIACL Assistants Prelims Exam Pattern
SubjectsQuestionsMarksTime Allotted
Test of Numerical Ability3535Composite Time
of 1 Hour
Test of Reasoning Ability3535
Test of English Language3030

Read the examination review given below of Second Slot for NIACL Assistant Prelims 2017 which is conducted from 11 a.m – 12:00 p.m.


Reasoning Ability : [Easy-Moderate]

Puzzles – 3 Sets (15 Questions)

  • 1 Puzzle (based on different people reading different books from Monday to Sunday)
  • Linear Arrangement ( 8 people seating in a line Facing North)
  • Square Arrangement ( 8 People – 4 facing inside and 4 outside)

Syllogism – 5 Questions (Old Pattern)

Alphabetical Series Test – 5 Question

Alpha numeric symbol series – 5 Questions

Miscellaneous – 5 Questions [ Blood Relation, Directions, Coding-decoding (2 Questions) etc]


English Language : [Moderate]

Reading Comprehension – 1 Set (10 Questions) [Story based. Synonym-Antonym Questions were asked]

Cloze Test – 10 Questions

Spotting Errors – 10 Questions


Passage asked in second shift :

Once upon a time there was a boy whose name was Jack, and he lived with his mother on a common. They were very poor, and the old woman got her living by spinning, but Jack was so lazy that he would do nothing but bask in the sun in the hot weather, and sit by the corner of the hearth in the winter-time. So they called him Lazy Jack. His mother could not get him to do anything for her, and at last told him, one Monday, that if he did not begin to work for his porridge she would turn him out to get his living as he could.

This roused Jack, and he went out and hired himself for the next day to a neighbouring farmer for a penny; but as he was coming home, never having had any money before, he lost it in passing over a brook. “You stupid boy,” said his mother, “you should have put it in your pocket.” “I’ll do so another time,” replied Jack.

On Wednesday, Jack went out again and hired himself to a cow-keeper, who gave him a jar of milk for his day’s work. Jack took the jar and put it into the large pocket of his jacket, spilling it all, long before he got home. “Dear me!” said the old woman; “you should have carried it on your head.” “I’ll do so another time,” said Jack. So on Thursday, Jack hired himself again to a farmer, who agreed to give him a cream cheese for his services. In the evening Jack took the cheese, and went home with it on his head. By the time he got home the cheese was all spoilt, part of it being lost, and part matted with his hair. “You stupid lout,” said his mother, “you should have carried it very carefully in your hands.” “I’ll do so another time,” replied Jack.

On Friday, Lazy Jack again went out, and hired himself to a baker, who would give him nothing for his work but a large tom-cat. Jack took the cat, and began carrying it very carefully in his hands, but in a short time pussy scratched him so much that he was compelled to let it go. When he got home, his mother said to him, “You silly fellow, you should have tied it with a string, and dragged it along after you.” “I’ll do so another time,” said Jack. So on Saturday, Jack hired himself to a butcher, who rewarded him by the handsome present of a shoulder of mutton. Jack took the mutton, tied it to a string, and trailed it along after him in the dirt, so that by the time he had got home the meat was completely spoilt. His mother was this time quite out of patience with him, for the next day was Sunday, and she was obliged to make do with cabbage for her dinner. “You ninney-hammer,” said she to her son; “you should have carried it on your shoulder.” “I’ll do so another time,” replied Jack.

On the next Monday, Lazy Jack went once more, and hired himself to a cattle-keeper, who gave him a donkey for his trouble. Jack found it hard to hoist the donkey on his shoulders, but at last he did it, and began walking slowly home with his prize. Now it happened that in the course of his journey there lived a rich man with his only daughter, a beautiful girl, but deaf and dumb. Now she had never laughed in her life, and the doctors said she would never speak till somebody made her laugh. This young lady happened to be looking out of the window when Jack was passing with the donkey on his shoulders, with the legs sticking up in the air, and the sight was so comical and strange that she burst out into a great fit of laughter, and immediately recovered her speech and hearing. Her father was overjoyed, and fulfilled his promise by marrying her to Lazy Jack, who was thus made a rich gentleman. They lived in a large house, and Jack’s mother lived with them in great happiness until she died.


Numerical Ability : [Easy-Moderate]

Simplification/Approximation – 10 Questions

Number Series – 5 Questions

Data Interpretation – 1 Set (5 Question) Tabular DI [Different store selling pens on different days]

Miscellaneous  – 15 Questions  (based on Compound/Simple Interest, Time & Work, Pipes and Cisterns, Profit Loss, Probability , Age, Mixture Allegation, Partnership, Average, Boats & Stream etc. )

Note : No Question asked on Quadratic equation.


Q.1 A and B together complete a work in  13 1/3 days and B can alone complete the work 6 days more than A. Find the work done by B alone.

Q.2 The time taken to travel 117 km downstream is 9 hrs and speed of stream is 3/10 of speed of boat. Find the distance while going upstream in some hrs.

Q.3 Area of a circle is 616 cm. whose diameter is equal to radius of semicircle. Find perimeter of semicircle.

Q. 4 48 kg of mixture having milk and water in the ratio of 3:1 . Then how much water must be added in a mixture so that ratio become 9:5 ?

Q.5 The Average weight of A,B and C is 26.  B is 1/3 of A and C is A+29. Find weight of C?


Number Series asked in Second Shift :

1 ) 5,  6, 14,  45,  184,   ?

2 ) 9, 14,  21,  32,  49   ?

3 ) 12,  6,  6,  9,  ?

4 ) 19,  24,  34,  51,  77,   ?

5 ) 13,  30,  64 ,  115,   ?,  268


Solutions :

1 ) x1+1….x2+2….x3+3…..x4+4

2 ) +5…..+7…..+11…..+17…..+25


3 ) x0.5…x1…..x1.5……x2……x2.5

4 ) +5…..+10…..+17…..+26….+37


5 )  +17….+34….+51….+68….+85 [ Table of 17]


Note : Overall difficulty level of the NIACL prelims exam is Easy to Moderate. No major changes was seen in the examination pattern as compare to previous shift. Vacancies published in the Notification is according to the States/UT. Hence the Cut off will be different for all the States.


Expected Cut off : 70-75


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