IBPS Clerk 2016 Prelims Exam Analysis Fourth Shift – 26th November


IBPS Clerk  Prelims 2016 Exam conducts in total  4 slots [ 8 am, 10:30 am, 1 pm, 3:30 pm ].


Exam Pattern of IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam 2016 : [ Exam Time – 60 minutes ]



 Day 1 – 4th Shift Analysis ( 26th November) : 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm


English Language : (Easy to Moderate)

  1. Reading Comprehension – 10 Questions ( Story based )Antonyms and Synonyms asked : Combat, Fine, Scatter
  2.  Cloze Test – 10 Questions
  3.  Spotting Errors – 10 Questions (easy)

Note : No Parajumble was asked.


Passage asked :

In the early days, when the earth was young, the land was hot and dry. Water was scarce as a hen’s teeth across the great land and scattered. The spring was a haven to animals far and wide. At one such spring a monkey came along, and greed lead him down a dark path. He made himself guard of the spring. He lit a fire to warm himself at night.
He chased off other animals who wanted a drink, telling them that the water was his. Many days and nights passed, and the animals grew weary with thirst thanks to the cruel-hearted greedy monkey.
One morning a zebra came to quench his thirst after a long and tiring journey. In the early days the zebra didn’t have his stripes, he wore a coat of fine white fur. As he approached the water the monkey jumped up angrily and said “Go away, I am the lord of this water and it is mine!”
The thirsty zebra challenged him and said Water belongs to everyone, not just you.” This infuriated the monkey who then shouted “If you want a drink of water, you’ll have to fight me for it.” The two animals were soon engaged in a fierce combat that seemed to go on forever. The monkey used his strength and large teeth, the zebra kicked and bit back.
Finally the zebra gave a mighty kick and sent the monkey flying onto the tall rocks behind the pool of water. The zebra kicked so hard he stumbled and staggered backwards, falling into monkey’s fire. This sent burning sticks flying high into the air, and as they fell back to earth they skimmed the zebras beautiful white coat. This left black scorch marks all over the zebra.
Hurt, the zebra ran off into the grassland where it lives to this day. Eventually it came to accept its stripes as something that made him stand out.


Cloze Test asked :

A king who lived lavishly with fragrant gardens and gold bowls in his palace – decided to go to the forest at the edge of his kingdom looking for a river – gets lost – wandering, finds a hermit sitting on the bank of the river he was looking for – prays to the hermit for help – hermit, with the snap of his finger, sends him back to the palace – eventually, the king wakes up but is still lying on forest floor – asks the hermit how he did this magic – hermit gives king the magic verse and asks the king to stand in the river for 40 days and nights – king obliges but alas nothing happens after that – focusing on the destination rather than the journey makes an action useless.



Reasoning Ability (Easy to Moderate) 

  1. Inequality – 5 Questions  (easy)
  2.  Linear Arrangement  8 people facing North – 5 Questions
  3. Linear Arrangement 8 people – Two parallel rows ( 4-4 in each row) – 5 Questions
  4. Circular Arrangement 8 people facing Center – 5 Questions
  5. Alphabetical Series – 5 Questions
  6. Alpha numeric symbol series – 5 Questions
  7. Miscellaneous – 5 Questions ( Direction, Blood Relation,word formation (GEAR, RAGE) ..etc)



Q. Consider the alphabet series below:
TOP    COP     JUG     HOP     PIN

(i) If you add an “S” before each of the words given above, how many meaningful words can you make?
(ii) Arrange the alphabet series in the order in which they would appear in the dictionary. Which would be the third word in the series now?
(iii) If you rearrange the letters in each word so that they are in alphabetical order, how many word would end with a vowel?
(iv) If you replace every consonant with the previous letter in the alphabet, and every vowel with the next letter in the alphabet, then how many words will have at least one vowel?
(v) If you take the 3rd letter of the 1st word from the left, and the 3rd letter of the 5th word from the left. Then how many letters exist in the English Alphabet between these two letters?


Linear Arrangement asked  :

8 person D,E,F,G,L,M,N,O sitting in a straight line facing north.

4 person sitting between F and L. Neither F nor L sit at extreme ends.
E sit 3rd right of O.
O is not sit adjacent to F, L.
D sits immediate left of O.
No. of Persons seating between D, L is same as between F, O .
M sits any of place right to L
L not sit adjacent to M. N sits to the immediate right of L.


Quantitative Aptitude (Easy – Moderate)

  1. Number Series – 5 Questions (easy)
  2. Simplification/Approximation –15 Questions (easy)
  3. Data Interpretation (1 Sets) – 5 Questions  [ Tabular DI ]  sales of 5 companies over a period of 5 days.
  4. Miscellaneous Questions – 10 Questions (Moderate) Age, Probability, Partnership, Profit Loss, Average, Boats & Stream, Compound/Simple Interest, Ratio and Proportion, Percentage, Time & Work, etc.


Q1. Problem on ages consisting two people A and B. Ratio of A’s age after 10 years and B’s age after 7 years was given. B was older than A and the difference between ages was given. Find the present age of B?

Q2. The area of triangle and ratio of height & base was given. Then there was square whose side is 2.5 times the base. You have to find perimeter of square.

Q3. There are two pipes which fill a tank of given volume in 25 hours and 15 hour. Both opened together and then closed after 5 hours. How much more time will be required to fill the tank.

Q4. A invested two amount at given times and interest rates and obtained two amount of simple interest in two different schemes. You have to calculate the total invested amount?

Q5. Distance and time taken while travelling upstream and downstream were given. Find speed of boat in still water.

Q6. Cost prices of two different articles were given. One of them was sold at a known % profit and other was sold at unknown % loss. If total loss was known find the %loss on second article.


Number Series asked :

  1. 26, 34, 47, 65, 88,?  = 116
  2. 13, 15, 20, 30,?, 73  = 47
  3. 6 ,7, 16, 51, 208,?  = 1045
  4. 13, 20, 34, 62,?, 230  = 118
  5. 14 ,7, 7, 14, 56, ?  = 448


Solutions :

1 ) +8….+13…..+18…..+23…..+28


2 ) +2…..+5…..+10…..+17…..+26


3 ) x1+1…..x2+2….x3+3….x4+4

4 ) +7….+14…..+28…..+56


5 ) x0.5…..x1…..x2……x4



Good Attempts : 65-75


 Note : IBPS Clerk Prelims cut off will be Statewise as per vacancies published by IBPS.



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