Computer Question Asked in IBPS PO Mains Exam 2016

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In this Post we are providing you the Computer Knowledge Questions asked in today’s IBPS PO Mains Exam 2016.


  1. The language in which the applications communicate – Application programming interface (API)
  2.  The cloud sharing that includes internal and external cloud service – Hybrid IT
  3.  Which is not a flash memory – Radio
  4. IC in which generation – 3rd generation
  5. which of this is not an Mobile OS – Safari
  6. Who controls all functions of CPU – control unit
  7. 1 nibble = 4 bits
  8. Online credit card which type processing – batch processing
  9. Spell check is available at  – Review tab
  10. Short cut for Rename of File – F2
  11.  Which company first invented MODEM – Bell 103 by AT&T (Dennis Hayes)
  12. Smallest unit in an image on a computer screen – Pixel
  13. Network in which LAN and MAN both present – WAN ( Wide Area Network)
  14. Verification of a login name and password is called – Authentication
  15.  Top slide in a hierarchy of slides that stores information about the theme and slide layouts of a presentation in Powerpoint – Slide Master
  16. Not an object oriented language – PASCAL
  17. 1 and 0 is – machine language
  18. Stop error in Microsoft Windows – Blue screen with white text
  19. The principle that Internet service providers enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites  – Net Neutrality
  20. IBM Supercomputer name – Watson



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