Reasoning Puzzles for NIACL Assistants and SBI PO 2017 Exams

Reasoning Puzzles NIACL Assistants

In this article we are providing you the High level Reasoning Puzzles for NIACL Assistants and SBI PO 2017 Exams. 


Q. Directions : Study the following information and answer the following questions carefully.

Nine persons K, L, O, T, R, Q, M, S and P are sitting in a straight line. Some of them are facing north while some are facing south. Only two persons sitting together are facing the same direction.

Q is sitting third to the left of P and is facing south. R is an immediate neighbor of Q and is facing the same direction as M. Both the neighbors of O face the same direction. K is not sitting at the extreme right of the row and he faces south. S is not the neighbor of K. R is at equal distance from P and K. O sits third to the right of Q and both face opposite directions. S is an immediate neighbor of P and faces south. L and M face opposite directions and M is not an immediate neighbor of either K or T. R sits in the middle of the row L is facing south and is an immediate neighbor of K and O.  T sits second to the right of Q.



Q. Directions : Study the following information and answer the following questions carefully.

Ram, Shyam, Rahul, Gopal, Arjun, Krishna, Pradeep and Mohit live in a eight-storey building but not necessarily in the same order. The lowermost floor is numbered one and the topmost floor is numbered eight, they like eight types of fruits, viz Mango, Litchi, Apple, Guava, Grapes, Pineapple, Coconut, and Banana, Every individual living on each floor likes one type of fruit.

Two persons live between Shyam and the one who likes Grapes. The one who likes Coconut lives on the first floor and he is not Rahul. Only two persons live between the top floor and the one who likes Apple. Krishna lives on an even-numbered floor but not the second floor and he does not like Grapes.

Arjun lives on an odd-numbered floor, but not on the first floor. The person who likes Litchi lives on an odd-numbered floor but not on the third floor. Gopal stays on the fifth floor and Ram lives on the top floor. Pineapple is not liked by the one who lives on the top floor.

Pradeep does not live on the seventh floor. Rahul does not like Coconut Guava is liked by the one who lives on the 4th floor. Banana is not liked by the one who lives on the second or the top floor. Only two persons live between Pradeep and Gopal. Krishna lives between Arjun and Shyam. The ones who live on second and seventh floor like Pineapple and Litchi respectively. Arjun does not like Litchi.


Solve the Puzzles and Post your Solutions in Comment Section below..!!



  • nandini

    where is the answer of this puzzles

  • nandini

    8- RAM-MANGO


    Very Good Puzzles..Good Level of Difficulty….. Both solved as shown below :
    First Puzzle : Position (1 to 9) from Left to Right —>>>

    1. K south
    2. L south
    3. O north
    4. T south
    5. R north
    6. Q south
    7. M north
    8. S south
    9. P north

    Second puzzle : Floors from Top to Bottom (8 to 1 floor) :

    8. Ram – Mango
    7. Rahul – Litchi
    6. Shyam – Banana
    5. Gopal- Apple
    4. Krishna- Guava
    3. Arjun – Grapes
    2. Pradeep- Pineapple
    1. Mohit – Coconut