IBPS PO Prelims 2016 Fourth Shift Exam Analysis – 22nd October

IBPS PO Prelims 2016 Fourth Shift Exam Analysis

IBPS PO Prelims 2016 Exam conducts in total  4 slots [ 9 am, 11.30 am, 2 pm, 4.30 pm ].

Below is the Fourth Shift Detailed Analysis along with sectional and overall expected cut off.


4th Shift Analysis ( 22nd October) : No change in Pattern


English Language (Moderate to Difficult)

  1.  Reading Comprehension – 5 Questions (Based on use of technology in Education System)

  2.  Cloze Test – 10 Questions

  3.  Spotting Errors – 10 Questions

  4.  Parajumbles – 5 Questions  (Based on Pollution) [ Sequence B A E C D F ]

 No Antonyms and Synonyms was asked.


Cloze Test asked :

Global  competition  and  the  workforce In  today’s  technology-enabled  knowledge  economy,  many  universities  find  themselves  facing  a  new challenge:  how  not  only  to  equip  students  with  an  adequate  education  in  their  field  of  study,  but also  to  arm  them  with  the  skills  and  knowledge  required  to  leverage  technology  effectively  in  the workplace.  How  well  do  current  graduates  fare?  Some  academics  in  the  US  warn  that  the  quality  of  their domestic  university  brand  may  be  slipping.  Private-sector  respondents  are  particularly  concerned,  with 46%  expressing  worry  that  the  US  is  lagging  behind  other  countries  in  its  ability  to  produce  high quality  professionals.

In  fact,  only  about  40%  of  all  survey  respondents  believe  that  current  graduates are  able  to  compete  successfully  in  today’s  global  marketplace. Generational  issues  also  play  a  role  in  training  the  workforce  of  the  future.  For  more  than  a  decade, author  Amy  Lynch  has  studied  Generation  Y  (individuals  born  between  1982  and  2001,  also  referred to  as  “millennials”)  and  the  American  culture  shaping  it.  When  considering  overall  job-readiness,  she says  that  “today’s  millennials  are  open  to  collaboration,  have  an  enormous  facility  for  multi-tasking, and  are  at  ease  with  new  technologies.  But  they  seem  to  have  more  limited  experience  in  independent decision-making  than  past  generations.”  To  help  impart  that  experience,  universities  may  need  to ensure  that  collaborative  student  projects  have  not  only  an  online  instructional  component  but  defined areas  of  individual  responsibility  as  well. Although  employers  expect  graduates  to  have  amassed  most  of  the  requisite  technology  skills before  joining  their  organisations,  more  than  one-third  of  those  responding  from  the  private  sector say  that  they  assume  some  on-the-job  training  will  be  necessary  to  acclimatise  new  employees.  “This generation  is  not  content  with  passive  involvement,”  says  Ms  Lynch.  “Companies  need  to  make  training programmes  more  engaging,  retention  programmes  more  personalised,  and  process  improvement initiatives  more  open  to  employee  input.”



Quantitative Aptitude (Level –Moderate)

  1. Number Series – 5 Questions

  2.  Approximation – 5 Questions

  3. Data Interpretation (2 Sets) – 10 Questions  [ Line Graph And Tabular ]

  4. Quadratic Equation – 5 Questions

  5. Miscellaneous Questions – 10 Questions


Number Series Asked in 4th Shift :


  1. 14, 16, 23, 51, 114 , ?

  2. 13, 18, 32, 56, 91, ?

  3. 19, 30, 23, 34, 27, ?

  4. 16, 8.5, 9.5, 21, 88, ?

  5. 1500, 476, 220, 156, ?, 136.


Reasoning Ability (Easy to Moderate) 

  1. Syllogism – 5 Questions

  2. Inequality – 5 Questions   

  3. Sitting Arrangement (Circular) All people facing the center – 5 Questions

  4.  Linear Arrangement 8 person (North South) – 5 Questions

  5.  Puzzle – 3 Questions (salary comparison)

  6. Puzzle – 5 Question ( Floor based )

  7. Blood Relation – 3 Questions

  8. Direction Questions – 3 Questions



Expected Sectional Cut off for IBPS PO Prelims 2016 :


Quantitative Aptitude : 9-10

Reasoning :  11-12

English  :  6-7


Overall Expected Cut off for General : 39-42



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        • Read “THE HINDU” Newspaper articles on daily basis and make a list of vocab and learn them. Search the words meaning in hindi as it will helps you to remember them. Make your vocab part strong to score more in cloze test, fillers and passage.

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