GA Questions Asked RBI Grade B officer Prelims Exam 2017 – 17th June 2017


GK Questions Asked in RBI Grade B Phase-I Exam 2017 : Dear Readers, In this article we are providing you the General Awareness Questions asked in First Shift of  RBI Grade-B Officers Phase-I Exam conducted on 17th June 2017.


  1. Madrid is the capital of which of the following country – Spain
  2. 43rd G7 summit takes place in which country – Taormina, Italy
  3. Recently Punjab National bank gets fund of Rs. 500 crore for Solar Roof Top construction from which of the following bank – ADB (Asian Development Bank)
  4. HQ of Capital Small financial bank is located in which city – Jalandhar
  5. Almatti dam is situated in which Indian state – Vijaypur district, Karnataka 
  6. Recently which two cities are granted UNESCO world heritage site for traffic – Mumbai & Delhi
  7.  “LTV A-7 Corsair” is the military aircraft belongs to which country – U.S.A 
  8. Abu Dhabi is capital city of  which country – United Arab Emirates
  9. What is the Capital & currency of Maldives – Male , Rufiyaa (MVR)
  10. Which country tops the list of highest producer of Steel – Republic of China
  11. What is the Maximum limit of Paytm Payment bank – Rs. 1 lakh
  12. Disha Microfin gets license from RBI as which entity – NBFC MFI
  13. Dhola- Sadiya bridge (also known as Bhupen Hazarika Setu ) built on which river? Brahmaputra & Lohit
  14. Ease of doing business is an index created by ? World Bank Group
  15. T-Wallet is launched by which of the following Indian state? Telangana
  16. Robert Moore is from which country?
  17. HCL Asian Junior Tennis championship 2017 held in which city- Pune, India 
  18. Balewadi stadium also known as Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex Stadium, located in which of the following city – Pune, Maharashtra
  19. MFI (micro-finance institution) registered as NBFC are regulated by? Reserve Bank of India
  20. Who is the sponsor of Indicash, India’s first White Label ATM services – Tata Communications Payment Solutions Limited (TCPSL)
  21. Darwaja band camping launched by which department ? Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation 
  22. E-sanad is launched by which of the following Ministry ? Ministry of External Affair
  23. ECB Regulated by RBI along with which of the following Department ?
  24. Who is the Author of the book “Mann Ki Baat – A Social Revolution on Radio” BlueKraft Digital Foundation
  25. Who won the Dadasaheb falke award 2017  – Kasinathuni Viswanath
  26. What is the Full form of LAF – Liquidity adjustment facility
  27. What does V stands for in LTV – Value
  28. Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which of the following state – Assam
  29. Who is the Only Indian cricketer in ICC Top 10 rankings ?
  30. What is the full form of NSDL  – National Securities Depository Limited
  31. Which of the following banks cannot take deposits under PMGKY – Co-operative banks
  32. Which of the following is not a money market instrument – Stocks
  33. India’s first underwater rail tunnel, constructed under the Hooghly river for establishing metro link between – Howrah and Kolkata
  34. Dailong village, recently declared as Biodiversity Heritage Site of the which Indian state – Manipur
  35. Which day is observed on 11th July every year – World Population day
  36. Bhimbetika rock shelter is located in which state – Madhya Pradesh
  37. What is India’s own GPS name – NAVIC
  38. Which city is known as Crowded city in India?
  39. Which Badminton player inducted into BWF  – P V Sindhu
  40. Where is the headquarters of International Fertilizer Industry Association located – Paris
  41. The Indian who won gold medal in Asian wrestling championship 2017 – Bajrang Punia
  42. Credit guarantee fund is for which scheme of Prime Minister –
  43. What was the sex-ratio according to 2011 Census – 940 females per 1000 males



GK Questions asked in Second Shift of RBI Grade B Phase-I Exam :


  1. G-20 Summit 2017 held in which country  – Hamburg , Germany
  2. Fatehabad district is locate in which state of India ? Haryana
  3. What is the Currency of Kenya –  Shilling
  4. Amman is the Capital city of which country – Jordan
  5. Berlin is the capital of which Country – Germany
  6. What is the Interest rate on Saving account of Paytm Bank : 4%
  7. What BSBDA stands for ? : Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account
  8. Irani Cup is associated  with which  of the following sport  : Cricket
  9. What is the Theme of No tobacco day 2017 – Tobacco : a threat to development
  10. Which country won the title of Sudiraman Cup 2017 : South Korea
  11. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will observe financial literacy week from – 5th June
  12. What is the amount Limit in BSBDA per month – Rs. 10,000
  13. July 17th is observed as which of the following day – International day of justice 
  14. Nomadic Elephant 2 Exercise between Armies of India and which Country : Mangolia
  15. International Amateur Boxing Tournament 2017 will be held in : Hamburg ,Germany
  16. New president of UN General  assembly Miroslav Lajcack is from which country – Slovakia
  17. Gorakhpur Atomic Power Plant is proposed in which Indian State? Fatehabad, haryana
  18. Uday Kotak belongs to which bank : Kotak Mahindra
  19. Which of the following NBFC become bank – IDFC
  20. Which country opted out of the Paris Climate Convention : United States
  21. Headquarter of  City Union Bank Ltd is located in which state – Tamil Nadu
  22. NHB is regulated by which of the following organization – Reserve Bank of India
  23. AIIMS in Assam to come up in which district – Kamrup District
  24. Insurance companies to be registered with which organization – IRDA
  25. Second longest Indian Bridge in Bihar (Mahatma Gandhi Setu) is built on which river – Ganga 
  26. First Indian Woman to climb Everest From China Side – Anita Kundu





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