GA Questions asked in BOM PO Exam 2016 – Second Shift

GA Questions asked BOM PO Exam 2016

In this Post we are providing you the General Awareness question asked in BOM PO PGDBF Exam 2016 Second Shift :


1.)   IDBI HQ is loacted in which city – Mumbai
2.) Prathma Bank HQ – Moradabad
3.)  South Africa currency – Rand
4.) Copenhagen is the capital of – Denmark
5.) Borrower credit History recorded by – CIBIL
6.) INSAT  3DR which kind of satellite – Meteorological satellite (Weather)
7.) Robotics banking launched by which bank – ICICI
8.) 24th october –  United Nations day
9.) Tarapur Power plant – Maharastra
10.) IFSC – 11 characters
11.) Functions of RBI –
12.) Rs. 4480 cr hydro project – Kiru , Jammu and Kashmir
13.) Urjit Patel – 24th RBI Governor
14.) CTS-2010 standards for – clearing through CTS for faster realisation.
15.) PIN full form – Personal Indentification Number
16.)The oldest asset reconstruction company – ACRIL
17.) Scooty Provided to girls in which state – Jammu and Kashmir
18.) Brahmaputra river not flows through which country –
19.) Victoria Desert range – Australia 
20.) full form I in IMPS – Immediate
21.)  Devendra Jhajharia is associated with which sport- Javelin throw 
22.) Institution that covered In surance for Export Import – ECGC 
23.) Loktak lake is situated in which state – Manipur
24.) NACH is implemented for the replacement of  – ECS,Payment Systems
25.) Coinage act 2011 –
26.) PMJDY average money in each account – Rs 1,725
27.) Anupriya Patel constitutency – Mirzapur
28.) Committee form to curb poverty –  Arvind Panagariya
29.) Mashreq Bank HQ – Dubai
30.) Mount Harriet National Park- Andaman and Nicobar Islands
31.) Simple Mortgage comes under – Transfer of Property Act,1882
32.) Coin can be minted upto Denomination of – Rs. 1000
33.) full form of U in UPI – Unified 
34.)  United Bank of India Tagline –  The bank that begins with ‘U’
35.)  First Private Bank to issue Indian Gold Coins – Federal bank
36.) First Stock Exchange issued IPO – Bombay Stock Exchange
37.)  Book – Six Machine biography –  Chris gayle 
38.) Babasaheb ambedkar airport – Nagpur
39.) First Talking ATM launched by which bank – Union Bank of India
40.) 75 percent of its Adjusted Net Bank Credit (ANBC) to the sectors eligible for classification as – Priority sector lending (PSL)
41.) Credit Guarantee Fund for Micro Units (CGFMU) – PMMY 
42.)  WHO HQ – Geneva
43.) Niche Banking committee headed by – Nachiket Mor




  • Learner

    INSAT 3dr is weather satellite?

  • Naina

    pls provide Ga questions of 1st shift.

  • Pumba

    Who headquarter-geneva

  • Ranu Rajpurohit

    Was it first private bank or first bank to issue gold coins?

  • Ranu Rajpurohit

    There was one question related to payment bank.I exactly don’t remember the question. If possible can you please help me out to remember that question and also can you give me the answer for the same.

  • Only Banking Nothing Else!!!!!

    What was the pattern of machine input in BOM exam ?

    • Ranu Rajpurohit

      numbers in descending order and alphabets in ascending order to be arranged considering both at same time. And also their position changes alternatively i mean if suppose in first step if you are placing number in left most corner and alphabet in right most corner then in next step you have to place next smaller number in rightmost corner and next alphabet in series in leftmost corner…like that u need to repeat until u come to final result….if u gave ur exam in 2nd shift then u sud have got ur result in 6th step

      • Only Banking Nothing Else!!!!!

        Ok tq u r prtcng it from where ???
        Fr resng suggest smthg

        • Ranu Rajpurohit

          i usually practice reasoning related question by solving practice sets provided in BSC. And also if u need more sets to practice then you can go for Banking & you.

  • vikash shekhar

    first stock exchange issued IPO is – MCX in 2012 , BSE is second