GA Questions asked in BOM PO Exam 2016 – First Shift

GA Questions asked BOM PO Exam 2016 First Shift

In this Post we are providing you the GA question asked in BOM PO Exam 2016 First Shift :


1. Which Bank introduced Smart Vault- ICICI
2. Pmjjby (Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana) premium amount – Rs. 330
3. World Food Day – 16th October
4. Before designated to Governor of RBI what was the position of Urijit Patel – Deputy Governor of RBI
5. Kakrapar Dam is situated in which Indian State – Gujarat
6. Bandhan Bank Headquarter is in which state – Kolkata, West Bengal 
7. Indian Bank HQ is loacted in which city – Chennai
8. In UPI, I stands for – Unified Payments Interface
9. 1 Question Based on Structured Assets
10. Fraud detection – CRISIL (Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited)
11. Question Based on Exim Bank
12. At the close of play was the book of which cricketer – Ricky Pointing
13. IFSC last six digit need to identify what – Bank Branch
14. In SMFS first S stands for – Structured Financial Messaging System
15. Lisbon is capital of which country – Portugal
16. Deaf fund associated with – Banking Regulation Act, 1949
17. ECGC is funded by which of the following – Govt. Of India
18. MUDRA is the subsidiary of – SIDBI
19. Apka Bhala and Sabki Bhalayi” is the tagline of which bank – Bandhan Bank
20. BARAK 8 missile was developed by India in collaboration with- Israel
21. FSB stands for- Financial Stability Board
22. The 17th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) held in- Venezuela
23. What is the Currency of Denmark- Krone
24. Mudra bank highest loan limit (Tarun) – 10 lakhs
25. World Democracy day theme –  agenda for sustainable development
26. Gurudongmar Lake is loacted in which state  – Sikkim
27. RRB banks state capital – 15%
28. ICRA rating agency formed by – IFCI
29. JP Morgan Chase Headquarters – USA
30. Patagonian desert continent – South America
31. Cheque torn and some part missing – Mutilated cheque
32. The umbrella organization for all retail payments system in India – NPCI
33. Blackbuck National Park is loacted in which state – Gujrat
34. Claude lila Parulekar is associated with what ? – animal rights activist
35. RRB recommended by – Narasimham committee
36. Dipa Malik related to which of the following sport- Shot put
37. Sasan Ultra Mega Power Project – Madhya Pradesh ( Singrauli )
38. IDRBT HQ – hyderabad ( Telangana)
39.  Indira Gandhi agriculture university – Chhatisgarh




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