GA Question Asked in IBPS PO Mains Exam 2016 – 20th November

GA Question Asked IBPS PO Mains Exam 2016

Dear Aspirants,

In this Post we are providing you the General Awareness Questions asked in today’s IBPS PO Mains Exam 2016.

  1. Sheikh Zayed stadium is in which country – Abu Dhabi, UAE
  2. Nassau is the capital of which country – Bahamas
  3. Dalai lama got citizenship of which country – Milan, Italy
  4. Committee for card payment promotions is headed by whom – Ratan Watal
  5. NATO 2017 venue –  Brussels, Belgium
  6. Indravati National park situated in which State – Chhattisgarh, Dantewada
  7. Corporation bank HQ – Manglore, India
  8. How many members of MPC are from RBI – 3 members ( Total 6 members in which 3 members from RBI )
  9. Committee on bank restructuring
  10.  Typhoon Haima – Philippines and China (Guangdong Province)
  11. India china military exercise held in – Ladakh
  12. Who won the Noble prize 2016 in Economics –  Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström ( contract theory)
  13. IDFC acquired which micro finance company – Grama Vidiyal
  14. RBI GDP projection – 7.6% for 2016
  15. Bhavani sagar dam is located in which state – Tamil Nadu
  16. National heritage tomb (Humayan tomb) – Delhi
  17. Definition of Hedging – A risk management strategy used in limiting or offsetting probability of loss from fluctuations in the prices of commodities, currencies, or securities.
  18. “One indian Girl” book author – Chetan Bhagat
  19. Bermuda triangle  –  North Atlantic ocean
  20. OPEC HQ – Vienna, Austria
  21. Mechanism of Export Financing – Forfeiting
  22. In which year demonetization done Previously – January 1978
  23. Kalikho Pul Died was is the CM of which state – Arunachal Pradesh
  24. Bharat bill Payment System Capital – Rs. 100 crores
  25. Rs. 22915 crore given for capitalization of – 13 PSU Banks
  26. Antwerp Diamond Bank HQ – Belgium
  27. EFTPOS – Electronic funds transfer at point of sale
  28. BSBDA credit limit not exceed than  –  one lakh rupees
  29. MCLR started by government in year – April 1, 2016
  30. International Voter Meeting  held in which country – India, New Delhi
  31. PRJA party launched by whom – Irom Chanu Sharmila
  32. Currency Risk is a type of –
  33. Payment banks cannot provide which services –
  34. MasterCard launches app –  Selfie Pay
  35. What is the full form of MMID code – Mobile Money Identifier – 7 digit code
  36. What is the current GVA (Gross Value Added) rate – 7.2%
  37. Inter-bank high volume Transaction – NACH
  38. Small Finance Bank can lend money upto what % of its capital –  10 %



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  • Saurabh Kumar Singh

    New technology of Interbank high volume transaction is UPI..pliz correct

    • Arpit Sharma

      UPI is not for interbank transactions

      UPI platform can be used for:

      Immediate money transfer through mobile device round the clock 24*7 and 365 days.

      Single mobile application for accessing different bank accounts

      Single Click 2 Factor Authentication .

      Virtual address of the customer for Pull & Push provides for
      incremental security with the customer not required to enter the details
      such as Card no, Account number; IFSC etc.

      Bill Sharing with friends.

      Merchant Payment with Single Application or In-App Payments.

      Scheduling PUSH and PULL Payments for various purposes.

      Utility Bill Payments, Over the Counter Payments, Barcode (Scan and Pay) based payments.

      Donations, Collections, Disbursements Scalable.

      Raising Complaint from Mobile App directly.

      • Saurabh Kumar Singh

        With the help of upi we can do interbank transfer bro…and I am very sure about it as I have done..

        • Arpit Sharma

          bro ek br NACH ka b padh lo, ECS purana method tha interbank transaction ka and NACH is modern method, UPI is actually for clients not interbanks,NACH ka prime purpose is only interbank,go and google.

          • Saurabh Kumar Singh

            Bhai meine google kr liya hai…ques me pucha thha new technology launched for interbank high volume transaction aur NACH UPI se pehle ki technology hai..isiliye UPI hona chahiye…by the way jo bhi ho bhai hum dono ka mains clear ho…bs..hehe