GA Question asked in CWC Junior Superintendent Exam 2016

GA Question asked CWC Junior Superintendent Exam 2016

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In this Article we are providing you the General Awareness questions asked in CWC Junior Superintendent Exam and Management Trainee 2016 – 10th December.


  1.  Full form of P-notes ? – Participatory notes
  2.  Full form of CRY organization? – Child Rights and You
  3.  What does Basel norm relate to? – Banking
  4.  China open Super series winner in Badminton – P.V Sindhu
  5. Which actor hosts the telegu version of the show crorepathi – Chiranjeevi
  6. How many currency printing press places are in india? – 4
  7. who issues coins in India ? – Government of India
  8. Which city is known as the golden city of India? – Amritsar
  9.  Nobel Peace Prize winner 2016 – Juan Manuel Santos
  10. Yoga day celebrated on – 21 June
  11. Dilma rousseff  – Former President of Brazil
  12. PIN full form – Personal Identification Number
  13.  Direct Benefit Transfer of LPG – PAHAL scheme 
  14. Section-122 related to  –  GST
  15. World economic freedom index India rank – 112
  16. Swachh Bharat short film award  winner- Murga
  17. World’s tallest and longest glass bridge opens in – China
  18. Full form of BPL –
  19. Jaitapur Power Plant –  Ratnagiri district in Maharashtra
  20. Cricketer Tony coizer was radio commentator  – West indies cricket team



Afternoon Shift :

  1. Worlds Diabetes day 2016 Theme – Eyes on Diabetes
  2. Hubble space Telescope – NASA
  3. Which Shooter declared as Champions of champions – Jitu Rai
  4. King Bhumibol Abduladez paased away – Thailand
  5. Hurricane Matthew hits – haiti
  6. Valmiki National park – Bihar
  7. Universal Children’s Day – 20th November
  8. PMJDY – Financial Inclusion
  9. Pawan Kumar Chamling is the CM of – Sikkim
  10. One Rupee Note bears signature of – Finance Secretary
  11. Noble prize in economics 2016 – Olive hart and Bengt Holmstorm
  12. Mother Absolute Affection brancd ambassador – Madhuri Dixit
  13. Highest Populated State – Uttar Pradesh
  14. CHOGM 2018 meeting – United Kingdom
  15. Chambal river flows from Madhya Pradesh to – Rajathan
  16. Mogadishu is the  Capital of – Somalia
  17. Gobind Sagar Dam – Himachal Pradesh
  18. LIGO lab outside USA – Maharashtra
  19. River of Sorrow – Damodar River
  20. Himansh highest altitude research center – Himachal Pradesh



CWC Managment Trainee Exam 2016 GA Questions Asked :


  1. Bandaru Dattatreya Constituency – Secunderabad
  2. Kiru Hydroelectric power plant – Jammu and Kashmir
  3. Indra Military exercise between  – Russia and India
  4. Param Ishan Supercomputer launched in – IIT Guwahati
  5. Merging of Budgets committee is headed by – Veerappa Moily
  6. Naropa festival celebrated held in – ladakh, Jammu & Kasmir
  7. Majuli island location – Assam
  8. Simon Peres belong to which field – Politician (Israel)
  9. November 14th day observed as – Children’s day
  10. Citizens and Society book author by –  Shri Pranab Mukherjee
  11. BRICS Under 17 football Cup held in – Goa
  12. Noble Prize in Medicine 2016 winner – Yoshinori Ohsumi
  13. Typhoon Malakas – Japan
  14. Which Country launched quantum enabled satellite Micius – China
  15. National mission on bioeconomy launched in – Shillong, Meghalaya
  16. OECD Headquarters – Paris, France
  17. World Heart day 2016 Theme – Power Your Life



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    Mariyan thangavelu
    P notes
    Pin full form
    Pahal scheme
    Section-112 gst
    World economic freedom index india 112
    Yoga day 21 june
    Golden city
    Glass bridge
    Nobel peace prize
    Bpl full form
    Coins are minted by govt of india
    Full form of CRY organization? –Child Rights and You
    What does Basel norm relate to? – Banking China open Super series winner in Badminton – P.V Sindhu
    Dilma rousseff  – Former President of Brazil

  • Ashìsh Tíwarí

    122 amendment pucha tha
    jaitapur power plant
    which bank gives highest interest rate… anser was airtel payment bank

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    Plz post afternoon shift questions

  • Ashìsh Tíwarí

    cricketer tony coizer was radio comentator on – west indies cricket team

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    sir if possible please upload all questions regarding……….CWC Managment Trainee Exam 2016 GA Questions………

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    what wud be the expected cutoff for junior superitendent ???

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    In jr supredent 1 qstn asked
    2018 Commonwealth game will held in -gold coast Australia

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    what culd be the cut off..?

  • Ajinkya Salve

    i have given CWC Jr. supernt. exam on 10 dec, in first shift. I solved each section , but after the end of exam my number of questions appeared was ” zero ” but i attempted 20-22 questions and saved each and every ans.
    My other section’s no. of questions attempted was correctly given, but Why did this happen wiht my GA section.
    PLZ help me…
    what is the solution